App Design

What is iHeartDepCare?

An app to connect heart disease patients with mental health treatment and education.

At Columbia University Medical Center, I worked with a team of doctors, researchers, and developers to create iHeart. I led design changes and created the tool flow and the educational resource guide. Additionally, I filmed and edited videos of patients and providers featured in the app. I also recorded and edited the voiceover to assist users in navigating iHeart. Extensive user research was conducted, making the app easy to use and valuable to patients. Throughout the process, I worked with the developers to ensure that changes were made accurately.


Despite extensive research on the relationship between depression and heart disease mortality, heart disease patients remained sub-optimally screened and treated for depression. iHeart tests a theory-informed multi-level implementation strategy centered around patient activation with the goal of improving the uptake of depression treatment and reducing maladaptive behaviors in coronary heart disease patients (NHLBI PI Moise).

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